re•currency Guides

Guides showing end users how to use Mobivity’s platform(s), re•currency.

Sending a Standard Broadcast and Saving Messages

Sending a Standard SMS Broadcast: Once you’re logged into your account, to start the process of sending a broadcast click on the Send Message option in the left side navigation bar. Once you have clicked on the Send Message option in the side bar, you will be taken to the Campaign Selection page. This page […]

Running and Exporting the Opt-In by Source Report

What is the Opt-In By Source Report? The Opt-In By Source Report is a report that allows our clients the ability to view how they gain Subscribers. We provide this information by showing the number of Subscribers that was gained during the Date Range specified, as well as the name of that channel. Whether it […]

Running and Exporting the Incoming Text Message Report

What is the Incoming Text Message Report? The Incoming Text Message Report allows our clients the ability to look at all messages that are being sent into the Campaigns that are available in their account. This can be used to look for trends, look for words that are being texted in regularly (often used to […]

Running and Exporting the Subscriber Summary Report

What is the Subscriber Summary Report? The Subscriber Summary Report serves as a summary of how your Campaigns are performing; specifically, it shows the change in Subscribers per selected Campaign as well as how many Opt-Ins and Opt-Outs occurred during the selected Date Range. What do the Columns in the Subscriber Summary Report Tell me? […]

How to Pull Information, and What that Information Means

What is the Manage Broadcasts Page? In C4, to view information regarding Broadcasts there were two different locations that you had to check: the Scheduled Broadcast Report for future Broadcasts, and the Broadcast Summary Report for Broadcasts that had already going out. In order to make it easier to view all Broadcasts that you may […]

Sending a re•ach Broadcast and Additional Features Available

Before you Start: This guide is written with the assumption that you have already created a Promotion, and are now ready to send a re•ach Broadcast that will include that Promotion. If you have not read our How-To Guide covering Promotion setup, please do so before consulting this guide. * If you do not have access […]

Campaigns: Creating and Editing Campaigns and Adding Opt-In Offers

Mobivity Campaigns Explained: Campaigns in re•currency are essentially a list of contacts who are opted into short code and a keyword.  When a user opts into a campaign using a short code and keyword, they may be asked for a zip code which then add the zip code to their contact data. Opt-in offers are […]

Creating and Editing Promotions

What is a Promotion? In C4, a static SmartSMS Coupon was linked to a SMS Broadcast during the Message Send user experience. In re•currency, this has changed to allow more versatility of Broadcasts by placing the design of the re•ach promotions (formerly SmartSMS) in a separate user flow. This also allows a promotion Coupon to […]

Logging In and Setting Up Two-Factor Authentication

Welcome to re•currency If you’re reading this guide, by now it has been communicated that you will be transitioned from C4 to our new platform, re•currency. The address for the new platform has changed as well. Instead of logging into your Marketing platform through the CustomerHub, you will now be logging in directly to the […]

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