SmartSMS Link Not Hyperlinked

First, it is important to note that a smart phone is required to be able to utilize the offers for some of our clients like Subway and Sonic. This is because the offers that they send are hosted in a webpage for you to show at the store when you’re wanting to use the coupon.

If you’re on a newer iOS version on an Apple device, you may notice that the SmartSMS links are no longer blue or hyperlinked for you to click on them. This is a bug on Apple’s side where if a text message contains some wording in regards to money (i.e. $, buck, etc.) it links to your ApplePay and takes away the ability to click the link in the text messages. Since this bug has surfaced, we advise our clients to not include a $ in their SmartSMS broadcasts to help eliminate any trouble redeeming the offers.

To resolve this, all you will need to do is to copy the link (for example, and paste into the browser on your phone.


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